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La Toshiba Dynabook AX 53D es una computadora portátil fabricada en Japón específicamente para usar con texto en japonés.

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How to fix the white blank screen on laptop

My laptop after turning on, shows black screen then after that, it will stop in white blank screen. As in no arrow or any display. It also had a sound like welcome tone? I tried to click the capslock and i think its working because the light turns on. I dont know what to to. I didnt used it for a month and after turning it on, thats all what i observed. I think it got stock? Pls help me on how will i fix this. I need to get all the files and the photos. Also i dont have a cable to connect on other pc or tv to know if the video card is the problem.

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it looks like the Screen inverter has gone defective you will have to replace it,

The display inverter is the circuit which gives the power to the screen backlight.

connect to an external monitor and check if the display is coming, if it is coming then you will have to find an inverter online and replace it.

you can buy the part from here: LINK

i would suggest replacing the laptop since it is outdated, if the circuits starting to fail most probably other issues will come in the future

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