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La Kenmore Elite HE3 es una secadora eléctrica con una capacidad de 7.2 pies cúbicos de Kenmore.

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Why says check lint screen . What’s that?

My dryer he3 it say check lint screen

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This is your lint screen. You must clean it after every dryer cycle.

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just a follow up to the previous post, from experience if after cleaning the screen and the error is still present, there is likely a clog down inside. could possibly use a vacuum to clear or may need to disassemble and clean to clear if all else fails. also, depending on the unit you have , you may need to manually clear the code after cleaning. would want to do a google check to see if applicable for your model.

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Here's a video on deep cleaning it if you have already been doing what Travis told you:

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Thanks mayer. I probably should have posted that too but couldn't find the one for his dryer. That is the same screen but I have different dryer.

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