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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2018. Model CLT-L29.

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Any way to fix dead video card without dissasembly?

My Huawei P20 Pro has been working perfectly for about 14 months now. But suddenly It black screened. (Unresponsive screen after 10 second cleaning in sink (IP67))

I think that now about 36 hours later I have figured out that it’s the video card that is being weird. It’s been working to and from since that post. Most of the time it’s black and unresponsive though. When it works it’s usually just for a few seconds and it’s blinking green in some places on the screen. Sometimes it works perfectly though for a few seconds. No screen issues at all. But then after a few seconds, it stops responding to touch and automatically turns off due to “inactivity”. And by that time I cannot click the power button to get it to start again. (But it’s on in the background, vibrating and making sounds etc.)

So my final question is: Is there any way to rescue dead video cards in phones just like you can do with dead PC and Laptop grapics cards (heating them) without dissasembling the phone?

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Hi @rismose ,

Sorry to disappoint you but mobile phones do not have separate video cards.

The graphics handling is done by the CPU.

Since it appears that the phone has gotten wet, was it properly and thoroughly cleaned?

By that I mean was it stripped down and the shields that cover the ICs removed so that any water and corrosion that may be under them has also been removed?

Water and electronics and electricity don't mix well and problems can occur if it hasn't been totally cleaned as the corrosion is ongoing.

If you want to save the phone open it up and thoroughly clean it as described before or contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service experienced in liquid damage repair and ask for a quote.

It may be that the phone has to be placed in an ultra-sonic bath to ensure that it is totally free of any corrosion.

My only advice after this is never trust that an electronic device is totally waterproof.

The waterproofing integrity may have been compromised at some stage due to handling etc without you knowing. A slight dent or crack in the case that has gone unnoticed may be enough to allow the water in .

Here’s a link to the ifixit Huawei P20 Pro Repair guides which may be of some help

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