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Released by Lenovo in October 2015. Identified by model number ZA0H0022US.

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LENOVO Yoga Tab 3 10" YT3-X50F X50M USB Charging port change

I want to replace LENOVO Yoga Tab 3 10" YT3-X50F X50M USB Charging port

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Here’s a link to the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Scroll to p.84 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the USB and Volume key FPC.

On p.30 Item #17 you will find two part numbers for the USB and Volume key FPC, 5F78C03560 and 5F78C03891.

I think that the first number is for your particular model. Hopefully there is some way to identify which is the correct one. Check what the markings are (if any) on your existing component to see if it helps to identify which one is the right one.

Once you have identified the part number, search online using the part number only in the search term of your browser to get results for suppliers of the part.

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