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The Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop manufactured by MSI. The GS63VR 6RF is a 15.6" model, released in 2016.

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Snapped off the tiny little connectors on my WiFi card.

I need help. I really hope one of your iFixit tech guys reads this. I have an MSI GS63VR 6RF. I managed to replace the GPU fans, as you guys probably know, they have issues. In the midst of doing so, I managed to snap off the WiFi connectors for my antenna, you know, the tiny little circular bits, now they're stuck in the ends of the antennas, I know I can just get a WiFi USB stick to remedy the issue but is there any way to get those little pieces out, maybe with pair of really small tweezers or a strong magnet?

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Sure. Tweezers or a small pic.

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