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Super Drive no longer working after ram upgrade

Replaced ram modules in Mac Mini with no problems, and mac starts ok and recognizes new memory configuration

but, now the super drive does not work (i do not know for sure that it worked prior to ram upgrade).

questions is: is there any thing in the upgrade process that could have caused the drive to stop working. have checked the mother board/daughter board connector several times (and other connectors)?

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2 Respuestas

Try re-installing the old OEM ram back in the unit. If this fixes the problem, then there is reason to suspect the RAM. But its been my experience that it's usually just a bad optical drive that will need replacement. They are known for going bad in several of the early Intel and G4 models as well.

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There is a ribbon cable in the mini that connects the superdrive. It is really easy to dislodge this when changing the ram. I disloged it a few times myself. Just check the back of the board with the super drive and I'm guessing that the cable just popped out of the socket. Just put it back in and secure using the side clips and you should be ok.

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