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El Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011-18R3 es una tableta 2 en 1 con teclado acoplable que ejecuta el sistema operativo Windows. Fue lanzado originalmente en mayo de 2014.

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How do I access/remove the hard drive of an Acer Switch 10?

I am trying to get at the hard drive on my acer switch 10, and haven’t been able to manage it so far. Where is it? Is it beneath the mother board, or where? I am hoping to access the contents with a sata-usb adapter…

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To get data off that you’ll either have to get it working or do a off-chip data recovery. A data recovery specialist for android phones may be able to do this for you.

The data / information is stored on a soldered eMMC flash memory chip on the logic board.

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Might be cheaper to repair the board *enough* to boot. Even if it runs at 700MHz due to the Intel ME region.

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So a sata adapter will be of no use? I am able to turn it on, but it was compromised during an update, and I seem unable to boot it up with ubuntu or to use my recovery media... So there is no way to simply access the chip with a different computer?

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