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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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Is it posslible to change the LED?

Hi there,

i´d like to have an other colour in the back and menue keys. Is it possible to change the (i bet its only a single one) led behind them? You don´t open the galaxy s2 this far.

Thank you for your Answers.

Greets Kevin

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if you can open your phone to the led then you should be able to desolder and resolder any colour you like...finding one the same size is the only problem.

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+ Hi Polly, good answer. LEDs sizes are given as diameter measurements in mm (millimeters) and voltage. Measure the voltage going to the existing LED and it's diameter. Purchase accordingly.

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I found some of these ages you do.. thought they looked like fun, have seen many bigger ones being used with tiny battery and magnets on just never had anything i needed a small LED for..

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