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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,4 GHz) o 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,7 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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MacBook Pro freezes and shuts down randomly, works fine in safe mode

My Macbook Pro randomly freezes and shut downs without any reason. It always happens like this: suddenly everything in the screen is frozen, cannot move the mouse. If the music is playing, it stops, but the screen is not black, it shows everything, just frozen. The fans start to make a loud sound and after ~10 seconds the computer shuts down.

After this when the computer is booted up again, all the applications, which were previously open, are opened, everything is in the same state as before the freeze.

This freeze happens sometimes after 1 minute of boot up, sometimes after 4 hours - looks totally random. It happens no matter of which application is used, or whether the computer is hot, or just cold booted up after long time no use. This freezing started happening 5 days ago, now it happens every day many times since that day, but before I used this computer for many years and anything like that haven’t happened ever.

However, it runs perfectly fine in safe mode, I am running it in safe mode right now and during these days haven’t experienced any freeze in this mode.

Checked system.log many times, nothing interesting there in that time of a freeze.

After boot up after the freeze the /private/var/log/powermanagement/2020.02.29.asl has this message:

21:08:04.527542+0200 powerd SMC shutdown cause: -128:

which, as I found out, means the hardware failure, but then why there are no problems in the safe mode?

Things I have already tried out and none of them worked:

  • Reset SMC - did it 1000 times
  • Reset PRAM - did it 1000 times
  • Ran Apple Hardware Test - got only these 2 errors codes: NDC001 (camera failure, but it doesn’t work for 3 years), PPT002 (battery cycle count high (900), however its condition is normal)
  • Ran Disk First Aid - no problems detected
  • EtreCheck doesn’t detect anything interesting, only this:

Major issues:

No time machine backup, automatic updates disabled; security updates disabled; apple security disabled, safe mode.

  • I even reinstalled the whole OS
  • … and did many other things, I don’t remember what else I have tried

MacOS is on the newest version 10.15.3

On that day when it started happening I didn’t do anything special - browsed the internet as usual and installed xcode command line tools (I thought maybe that is the reason, so i uninstalled it, but nothing changed).

Any more ideas what is wrong with this computer and why it works in the safe mode?

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If you had done each a 1001 times that would have done it ;-}

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Did installing an antivirus software solve this problem @m16 ? I have EXACTLY the same issues as you, would like to know if you have an update for this.

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an in Safe Mode. Sounds to me like you picked up a virus. This is not uncommon, 70% of the machines I get in are infected.

The free virus protection programs are not of much use. Get a Paid version. I like Norton or Symantec Endpoint protection. You may need to download and install it in Safe Mode as some viruses fight virus installations.

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Did installing an antivirus software solve this problem @m16 ?

I have EXACTLY the same issues as you, would like to know if you have an update for this.

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@m16 Were you able to identify a fix for this Issue. I have 2011 Early MMP with Similar Issue. I have Battery Cycle Count of 1957. Not sure this is because of Battery.

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