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Left Joy-Con dead, doesn't work attached to the switch or not

My Joy-Con has been dead for a while. It doesn’t even turn on, no lights flash on the side rail while on the Switch or off. I have opened up both controllers, and swapped the battery as the right Joy-Con still worked. Good battery doesn’t work. “Bad” battery found in dead JC works on good Joy-Con. Not a battery problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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OK so i have fixed a few dozen Joy-cons and to my Knowledge it is a slider rail problem in the slider rail it contains the charging port at the bottom of the joy-con when slid into the switch console. a replacement rail should be fairly easy to acquire through such sites as amazon / ebay / Aliexpress etc.

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Thanks p_smith, I've just ordered some rails from Aliexpress

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@p_smith I fixed mine, it was a motherboard issue

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@wispysmoke what did you replace/fix?

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@mrwyyeet The entire motherboard. I have a boneyard of joy-con parts, and found a spare working motherboard. It turned back on and worked swimmingly. Not sure which part on the mobo went dead but figured it was a mobo issue.

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I’m afraid it’s motherboard related. You could inspect the motherboard if you can find something which is the cause. Otherwise there is not much left to do… Maybe someone else here knows which component you need to replace on the motherboard it self (requires soldering most of the time).

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Wrong, as another JC left will work, so motherboard works well. I'm in the same situation and the proof Is that if i take a JC left from another switch and the put It on mine, It Will be recognized and charged...

Something strange must have happened to the JC left, there are no other alternatives

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