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Printer Won't grip paper!

My printer roller wheels in the back of the printer will not grip and pull the paper into position to be printed on! Help!

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I've noticed all of the rollers at the back of the printer, their right edges are worn smooth, the rest of the roller is textured.

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Straight from HP web site:

Clean the paper feed rollers in the cartridge access area

  1. Turn off the printer, and then disconnect the power cord before reaching inside the printer to avoid risk of injuries or electric shock.
  2. Disconnect the USB or Ethernet cable from the rear of the printer, if you have a cable connection to the printer.
  3. Place your fingers into the slot on the left side of the printer, and then pull forward to open the cartridge access door.
  4. Lightly dampen a lint-free swab with the water, and then squeeze any excess liquid from the swab.
  5. Press the swab against the rollers inside the printer, and then rotate the rollers upwards with your fingers. Apply a moderate amount of pressure to remove any dust or dirt buildup.
  6. Allow the rollers to dry completely (approximately 10 minutes).
  7. Close the cartridge access door.
  8. Reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer, and then turn on the printer.

Your model:

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I have no solution other than , what ever you do take out the ink if flipping upside down… ya;( what a mess

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