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El E FUN Nextbook Flexx 10 (Modelo # NXW101QC232) es una tableta basada en Windows con una pantalla de 10.1", procesador Intel ATOM Quad-Core de 1.8GHz, DDR3L de 2GB y 32 GB de almacenamiento integrado.

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Where is the wireless card in this thing?

So I haven’t been able to connect to the internet on this thing, and when I troubleshoot it gives me the error message “Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter” is having driver or hardware problems. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the device and the driver. So as a last ditch effort I opened it up to see if I could replace the wireless card, but I can’t find the dang thing. A breakdown of the anatomy of the thing would be helpful.

Where is the wireless card in the nextbook flexx 10 so I can order a new one and replace it?

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You'll probably find that it has no WiFi "card" as such but that it has a WiFi "chip" mounted on the systemboard instead.

What is the status of the WLAN adapter in Device Manager?

Go to Device Manager > Network Adapters > right click on Realtek WLAN adapter entry > Properties > General tab > Device Status box

Did you try the "Troubleshooting” app found in Control Panel?

Go to Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Network and Internet > Network Adapter

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when I go to the device status box it says "This device cannot start (Code 10) (Operation Failed) The requested operation was unsuccessful."

I also have used the troubleshooting app, but I will try again. It said to reset the network, though it could not find the problem. I reset it three times, and the first time did nothing. The second time it didn't reset and the blue screen error popped up, though I didn't catch what the error was in time. Third time did nothing. So, I reinstalled the driver again (after uninstalling it) and nothing has changed. Still no internet.

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Is there a yellow exclamation mark or a red cross next to the WLAN entry in Device Manager?

Did you try the driver from here?

What version is the driver that is installed for the WLAN adapter?

What driver did you install?

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There is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it next to the WLAN entry. I thought I got the driver from the website you linked to, but I downloaded the driver again from the link you gave and it made no difference. Same result, same error message.

The driver I installed is version 3008.54.0414.2017 .

I installed the 32bit/64bit Windows10 WLAN SDIO Driver .

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Don't know if you can do this with your device but try starting the tablet in safe mode with networking and check if you can access the internet.

Be aware that Device Manager doesn't show in safe mode so you can't check on the state of the WLAN adapter.

The idea here is to see if it is a driver problem that is the cause as in safe mode only generic Windows drivers are loaded

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So, I started the tablet in safe mode with networking (thanks for linking the how-to) and I still can't connect to the internet. Does that mean the driver is not the problem?

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