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La actualización de marzo de 2015 de la pantalla Retina MacBook Pro de 13" de Apple, modelo A1502, presenta procesadores Intel Core i5 e i7 de quinta generación e introduce el trackpad Force Touch.

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MacBook Pro 2015 overheating?


I have a Macbook Pro 13” with Retina Display, 8GB RAM, and 250GB. I bought it “refurbished” yesterday and quickly updated to Catalina. Soon as I was browsing sites like Facebook or playing videos on YouTube (no other important apps running), I realized the top-left zone was really hot, so I installed Macs Fan Control, and It gives me 60-70 ºC.

Is summer here and the temperatures goes usually close to 25-35 ºC around the day, and the humidity doesn’t really help.

Is it normal? Thanks in advance!

PD: Sorry about my bad english!

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There could be several different things going on here.

To answer if it’s normal. I can be depending on work load. I’ve had some hot MacBook Pros from earlier years that I’ve seen get into the 90+C range and still operate. Although at that level you should hear the fans kicking in at a decent volume.

If you just installed Catalina as an upgrade, it might be rebuilding the Spotlight index which would use up system resources.

You could check the CPU usage by going into Launchpad -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor. Under the CPU tab you can sort by CPU % and see what’s using up the most resources. If it’s an app that you can close, check to see if that lowers the temp any.

What did the place you purchased it from do to “refurbish” it? If they didn’t open up the MacBook Pro and clean out the fan and vents, it could cause it to run hot as well. Using compressed air to move dust out of there would help greatly.

You’re English is great, and I hope that this helps.

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Thanks @sparklepimp! I opened a 1080 60 fps video on YouTube, using Safari and the temperatures went to 60 ºC or a bit higher, with the fans running around 4000 to 5000rpm or above (and I heard it), then opened the Activity Monitor to see what was happening. Now it’s night here and the ambient temperature is lower.

Block Image

I bought it on a store called PcDiscount here in Argentina. They say they have “refurbish certificate”. It seems not.

I tried to opened it to see the thermal paste or the cooler condition, but they put a warranty warning over one of the screws. Should I tell them this situation? Or you consider this normal? Thanks for this and for my english too! :)

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I would consider it normal. Some Macs run hot and there are several forums I've seen that mention the 2015 models especially having extra heat.

Regarding the inside of the machine. If you open the MacBook Pro up, you really can't just check on the thermal paste. Taking the heat sink off of the CPU and GPU will require you to clean and reapply the paste regardless of what is going on under there. No need to go that far.

When you say that there is a warranty sticker on one of the screws, do you mean on the outside of the case? Or are you able to take the bottom case of the MacBook Pro off, but there's a warranty sticker over one of the screws inside? If you're able to at least take the bottom of the case off, then you could make sure there's no dust on the fan blades and in the vents. If you can't, then I still think you're ok.

I've heard some people say that using the Chrome web browser can be an issue, and that using a different browser like Safari can also be a benefit.

- de

The warranty sticker was outside of the case, so I couldn't even open the bottom case. There isn't much else to do I think but ask for a change.

And I agree with you, with Chrome It's even worst. Anyway, thank you for your time!

- de

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