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Is HDMI in possible on a Mac mini?

My situation is this. I have a Mac mini on my desk which is connected to an Apple LED Cinema Display via thunderbolt/mini display port. I also have a Raspberry Pi that I’m wanting to work with at my desk. I don’t have a TV nearby that I can hook up via HDMI.

Is there any software which would allow me to see the Raspberry Pi on my monitor through the HDMI port on the Mac mini? It doesn’t have to be full screen or even color for that matter.

If the answer is no, is there any hardware options that you know of where I could use the Raspberry Pi directly to the Apple display?

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Have you just looked at hooking the two up via an Ethernet cable and then using a terminal session to your Raspberry Pi?

The mini’s HDMI connection is strictly an output connection (pushing a display).

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I figured the HDMI was output only. One can dream though lol.

A terminal session might work, but what I'm trying to do is set up some things on the Pi that would require an internet connection. So as long as I can get the wifi access from it. I'll look up some tips on that. Thanks

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