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An eScooter manufactured in 2018 by the Hover-1 company.

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Hover-1 pioneer doesn't charge.The charger light is always green. help

Recently bought the Pioneer scooter and it does not charge. The light on the charger remains green. What can I do?

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i had same problem i wiggled it so it was in the sweet spot 4 red. my positve connection had rattled loose. i removed charging port from inside deck and sautered connection..or u replace

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It is generally not recommended to attempt to add voltage to a dead battery to get a charger to recognize it. This is because a dead battery is likely dead for a reason - it has lost its ability to hold a charge due to internal damage or chemical changes. Attempting to force the battery to take a charge by adding voltage can be dangerous and may result in further damage to the battery, or even cause it to explode.

If you are having trouble getting a charger to recognize a dead battery, there are a few things you can try instead:

  1. Check the battery terminals: Make sure that the battery terminals are clean and securely connected to the charger. Corroded or loose terminals can prevent the charger from recognizing the battery.
  2. Check the charger: Make sure that the charger is functioning properly and is compatible with the type of battery you are trying to charge.
  3. Check the battery voltage: Use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery. If the voltage is extremely low, it may be too far gone to recharge and may need to be replaced.
  4. Try a trickle charge: If the battery voltage is low but not completely dead, try using a trickle charger, which delivers a low amperage charge over a longer period. This can help bring the battery back to life without risking damage to the battery.

Overall, it is important to exercise caution when dealing with dead batteries and to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and maintaining them.

If you can add a charge directly to the battery for a few minutes and then restore the battery, and use the OEM charger and it should recognize the battery and start charging

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