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Versión renovada del iPhone 3G con velocidades de procesamiento más rápidas. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a la 3G y requiere destornilladores simples y herramientas de palanca. Modelo A1303 / 16 o 32 GB de capacidad / respaldo de plástico negro o blanco.

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Swollen battery: my questions

I purchased an iPhone 3Gs off of ebay in a lot. I charged it a little, but not so much.

Yesterday, I disassembled it and noticed that the logic board was bent because of a swollen battery. I decided to tear down the logic board. The battery was effectively quite swollen. I’m almost sure that the battery is original from Apple.

Today, I noticed that the battery continued to grow, because since I put off the logic board, it has more room to grow. Should I worry? I’m keeping the battery, still glued to its housing on my wooden shelf. I know that I shouldn’t keep it there, but I really don’t know where else I could put it. I must look for a metal box to put the battery inside with some sand.

So, please tell me, now that the battery has almost no chance to be punctured, can it still continue to swell or worse, catch in fire?

(A few weeks ago, I had an iPhone 5s swollen battery and it finished by un-swelling by itself)

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I certainly wouldn’t keep it on a wood shelf ;-).

Swelling doesn’t directly relate to igniting, as far as I know. You certainly want to dispose of it safely so call your city to see how you can do this. You could measure it to see if it still has any charge. If it doesn’t, then its probably safe to dispose of it at your local hardware/electronic store that recycles batteries.

Of course, you could have some fun too…

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@refectio Your fun looks rather dangerous.

- de

@mayer nonetheless...caveat emptor applies!

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If you remove it from the area it is glued to you need to have a nonflammable container and oven mitts or pad available to get it outside ASAP if it is tears open. I have never had one catch fire but they get extremely HOT!

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