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Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) is an Android smartphone manufactured by ASUS released March 2015.

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My drones wifi wont show up


My drones wifi wont show up on my phone(Asus Zenfone max m1)

My drone is a MJX X104G

And the drones wifi is 5ghz

I dont know whats the problem beacuse I was standing next to it

Sorry for my bad english

The reason I choosed the Asus Zenfone 2 beacuse it is doennt there


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Does the drone show up on other devices that support 5GHz WiFi?

Do you know anyone that has a 5GHZ WLAN network running in their home? Can you 'see" their network with your phone?

Just trying to prove whether the signal is there from the drone or not and whether your phone can detect 5GHZ signals or not.

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We have a 5ghz wifi, and it shows up.

And, yes it shows up on another devices

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Couple of things to try first if you want to try them of course and see if either resolves the problem.

a) Clear the phone’s cache partition. (wipe cache partition)

Here’s a link that shows how to do this.

DO NOT select wipe data / factory reset as this will erase all your data and downloaded apps

b) In the phone navigate to Settings > Reset > Network Settings Reset.

This restores WiFi passwords and other network settings

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Whats does clear cache partition does?

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The cache partition stores temporary system data.

It's supposed to make the system run more smoothly by making apps open more quickly and be more accessible etc.

Sometimes things get corrupted in there and this can make the system unstable or do odd things.

Clearing the cache partition does NOT affect any of your data or downloaded apps as it is only "temporary data" that is stored there and it can make the system run more smoothly again if there was corrupted data in there.

Doing this was only a suggestion as you said that your phone could "see" other 5GHZ networks but not the drone which could be seen by other devices, which to me is an odd occurrence.

It is a simple thing to do which is non intrusive and causes no damage but may actually improve things

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My simple suggestion would be you check whether your drone’s Wi-fi is accessible on other 5Ghz compatible devices.

If it’s compatible with other devices than your Asus Zenfone has a problem.

If it’s incompatible then your drone has a problem.

Do let us know which one has a Wi-fi problem so that we can guide you ahead.

I hope this helps.

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Yes, it shows up on another devices, and I read about that my phone supports 5ghz wifi. Now do I send it to a service?

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