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Lanzado en Septiembre 16, 2016. Modelos 1660, 1778. Disponible en GSM o CDMA / 32, 128, o 256 GB / Oro Rosa, Oro, Plata, Negro Mate y Negro Brillante.

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Home button unresponsive after screen replacement?

Was opening up the phone for a screen replacement. Have done many before with no issues.

I was trying to seperate the screen from the frame with my metal pry tool and accidentally cut into the actual screen itself by the home button area. I pulled it out straight away and it didn’t go in very deep.

After this, I did the screen replacement as normal but once I turned it on it said “Touch ID could not be activated on this iPhone” and the home button doesn’t even click; it is like how it is when the phone is turned off.

Any ideas? Would be hugely appreciated as you’d be saving me from buying a new phone for my friend becuase I wouldn’t be able to put up with the guilt.


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If the home button ribbon is comprised its usually fixable but needs a solder repair. If not you can buy a Bluetooth replacement button online if the original button is knackered

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it may be repairable with micro soldering but will probably need replacing, unless you pay apple upwards of £300 to install and sync a new one then an aftermarket one is the only option but Touch ID will never work with an aftermarket one.

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