Error in Diagnostics 4SNS/1/40000001:ID2S-0.000

Fans running loud on Imac 2011. Have run diagnostics and the following error appears:


Looks to be pointing to Direct current electrical sensor.

Any experts point me in the right direction please, I have swapped the PSU unit completely from a working Mac and this has not resolved the issue. PRAM and SMC resets have had no effect.

Using iStat Menu and I noticed there is no reading for:

Power Board Proximity

Power Primary heatsink

Power secondary heatsink

Block Image

Looking to your experts for some assistance towards fixing this.

Update 25/01: I downloaded Temp Monitor App and noticed the following readings:

Block Image

Block Image

Maybe this helps pinpoint the problem. As far as I can see it points to power supply I have already swapped power supplies for known good power supplies from other macs.

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Can anyone assist with this please?

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Someone must have come across this and fixed it. @danj can you help please?

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@faisalgondal - Sorry I have no idea what ID2S is. ID2R for the 27" 2012 is AC/DC 12V G3H current. Check power supply cable connections to logic board; test with known-good logic board; test with known-good power supply.

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I've moved the logic board to complete new chassis with all cables and changed power supply too. So it's something on the logic board. Could it one of the connectors on the logic board I'm wondering.

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