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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Hard drive Cable locking clip

I am looking for the hard drive cable lock clip for an Ipod classic 5th generation but also an exploded view of that assembly. I was reassembling mine after replacing the screen and when relatching the clip in snapped and came out in two pieces. Since this piece is maybe an inch long and about the size of 9mm pencil lead the orientation is hard to make out.

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Lose the hard drive for a CF card, which can be found here and a 1.8" ZIF to CF adapter. The drive is a lost cause, since the locking tab is busted. Don't bother fixing it.

If you have music you care about, then you should have it in iTunes. If not, contact Apple. They will let you redownload it all again. These days, it's in iCloud but older music won't be. Apple also tends to do this as a on time action too. Back it up after getting it if you have to contact Apple.

Lose the hard drive for that combination. It will be much better then having a hard drive in the iPod. You'll need to do a Disk Mode restore. This is as easy as pressing the home and play/pause button at the Apple logo screen and it will show as in Disk Mode.

If you did this on the board, you're going to need a new board or repair the old one.

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