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My laptop suddenly died and won't turn on

I already used this laptop for around 9 months and never run into any problem yet.

Around 1 hour ago, I was browsing the internet and it suddenly turned off. Tried to turn it on, but nothing happened (the light indicator for power is not on too).

The battery was around 50%, so I tried to charge it. When I charge it, the light indicator for charging is on. After 1 hour passed, I tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. What should I do?

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First try this: remove the battery and charger (both) so the laptop do NOT have any power suply. Then press the power button for 120 seconds (2 minutes). After this put back the battery and try switch on. What this procedure do? It eliminate all residual curents from motherboard. Try to hear the fan, the HDD, and , in case you hear any conect the laptop to an external display.

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