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An Android-based Samsung tablet serviced by the Verizon Network that was released in September 2015

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Samsung tab S2 lcd replacement

can I used another lcd screen from a S2 to replace one that has lines on it?

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use a lcd screen from one TAB S2 to replace a burnt screen on another Tab S2 - is it possible?

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@dhn yes, you can replace the LCD’s from one S2 to another S2

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Thank you for your quick response. Are you 100% sure ? Just asking because a local shop here said no and they charge $275. I can easily find a good use one way less than that

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Yes you can use one from an S2 to "transplant" to another S2. They are not really easy to remove but are identical for all S2. Usual replacement is with the frame and cost for a replacement is around $150-$200 USD. To replace it follow something like this video

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