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La séptima versión del iPod Touch de Apple, lanzado en mayo de 2019. Este modelo viene con un almacenamiento opcional de 256 GB y un procesador A10. Numero de modelo A2178.

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I dropped my iPod for the 1st time now screen doesnt work

I dropped my brand new iPod for the first time now the screen is black and is backlit a little bit, and it wont turn on

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You broke the lcd. You can get this repaired via a new LCD/Glass. It’s not easy for a beginner but my shop charges $69.99 for it so it’s not crazy expensive to have a profesional do it.

Try a soft reset first holding the power and home button together for 10 Seconds.

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Hi Dustin, where is your shop? My iPod Touch 7th Generation LCD is unresponsive to touch, and I need it fixed. I'm more of a beginner, and I don't want to mess this up. How can we communicate, so I could get this fixed?

- de

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This happened with my iPod touch 7th Gen, i thought the LCD broke too. Waited for it to discharge then it booted up normally after. If that does not work, replace the display (or have it replaced)

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Hey Liam, I’m not the best at technology repairs, but by the symptoms that were posted, the LCD Data ribbon came loose, not the backlight ribbon, which explains the working backlight. I would say your iPod touch is probably fully working, just open it and firmly but gently resocket all the display ribbon connectors in place and test the device while its open. If it were to therefore work flawlessly albeit opened up, that would solve your solution without spending $60+ USD. If not, replace the display for the 60 bucks USD and end your frustration. Good Luck to you and yours, Austin.

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