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El reloj inteligente de Apple de tercera generación con conectividad celular opcional lanzado el 22 de septiembre de 2017.

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Will 3rd party straps damage the connectors of my Apple Watch?


I got my Apple Watch today, but it has a white strap. I reckon this will become grey in a short space of time, so I wish to use a different strap. It’s also nice to have options to customise the watch, but the actual Apple straps are quite expensive, at around £30+. If I get a cheap £4 strap off eBay, is there a chance of it loosening the connectors that hold the Watch in the straps? The last thing I want is to break my watch, or have it slide out and smash.

Thank you!

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I haven’t encountered any issues using good 3rd party watch bands.

Just not use real cheap bands that don’t look well formed at the lug area.

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Thank you. I was looking at £3.50 straps, is that not too great?

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Thats on the lowest end of the cheap side! How about something more in the £19 ~ 30 range

Think of it this way would you put on your car half rotted tires or something better?

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Fair enough! £20 + it might just be with it to get the Apple straps. My strap doesn’t hold in place, even though I inly got my watch 2 days ago.

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Sometimes it pays to get a better strap!

As an example, I'm on my third watch now! Upgrading each one and giving/selling the old ones off.

I hated the silicone strap and the nylon loop was just as bad. Instead I spent the extra for the Milanese loop and I've transferred it over from watch to watch! Best investment I've made, it breathes and easy to clean!

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