Broken display data cable?

Was replacing the Hard Drive. When putting the Retina Display back on I had connected the display data cable and power cable. Powered up fine. Then I was going to put the new adhesive strips on… tilted the display back and it fell out of the bottom, pulling both the display data and power connectors off. When trying to connect them back, the power connector seems to go on fine. The data cable looks like it is in, but not sure. When I turn on the iMac I don’t get any display. What? the data cable pulled out and damaged the on-board connector or the cable?

Have tried to connect them carefully again, same result. What do you think? Sure hop it isn’t the motherboard connector for data. Help?

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@macman67 - Could you get some photos of the connectors?

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Post them here for us to see Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente The more detail the better!

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