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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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Why is my computer slow

Every time I boot my computer on, it comes on just fine. Then I try to pull up a file in windows explorer or I try to go onto the internet and it just goes SUPER slow. Why is that? Do I need to install a SSD?

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Hi @cedarj ,

What OS is installed in the PC?

How much RAM is installed in the PC?

Have you checked what programs may be started when you first boot the PC?

If Win 10 installed, right click on taskbar and select Task manager > Startup to view.

Google the programs that you don't recognize to see if they are necessary to be run at startup.

If Win 7 installed, type msconfig in search box on desktop.

Have you done a virus check or a malware check to see if malicious software is not hogging the memory etc?

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Hello cedarj,

Your computer could be slow for many reasons. There may be one or more reasons why your computer is slow.

1) What OS is installed on your computer? (This HP Compaq DC5700 can only go up to Microsoft Windows 7 as the highest operating system that it support in terms of Microsoft Windows.)

2) How much RAM do you have installed on your computer? (Your RAM could be the reason why your computer is slow. You could have unnecessary processes running in the background of your computer while it is on without you even knowing about them and or your RAM itself is not exactly equip to handle the kinds of tasks that you are doing on your computer, in that case either upgrade your RAM, upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive and or replace whatever operating system that you currently have installed on the computer to a more lightweight and manageable operating system such as Linux.)

What kind of storage device is installed on the computer and how much is it? (Hard drive’s have moving parts inside of them. One of the reason’s why your computer could be slow, is that your hard drive is cluttered with a plethora of junk files and or bloatware that, if not removed, will continue to make your computer extremely slow and cluttering your hard drive with unnecessary data that you do not need. If you do not have a lot of memory on your hard drive or solid state drive, then you could do two things: 1. Reformat the drive and wipe all of its data clean with the ATA Secure Erase method and partition and reinstall the operating system on the drive and or install a new operating system.)

3) Look inside the computer. There could be a plethora of dust, lint, and or whole bunch of nasty stuff in there that you will need to clean out if you expect your computer to be faster. Do not use soap and water, use canned air to blow away all of the dust first, and then with all of the electrical components out of the computer, clean and wash the case thoroughly (without soap) and reassemble the whole thing and turn it on.

4) Make sure that there is no viruses and or malware on the computer. Use a safe, reliable antivirus software to detect if there is any threats on your computer.

If all of this advice did not help you, please tell me more.

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