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La única versión wi-fi del iPad Air de Apple, número de modelo A1474. Disponible en Space Gray o Silver, incluye el procesador A7 personalizado y se envía en configuraciones de 16, 32, 64 y 128 GB.

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What digitiser should I choose?


I am looking for a new digitizer for my iPad Aid 1st gen WiFi.

I’m wondering if a cheap one on eBay would be enough and lag-free or should I invest in an iFixit version?

With the eBay alternative, I think that it could misbehave and get buggy. Does anybody have any experience?

Thank you very much.

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Don’t buy from Ebay, too many cheap knock-offs.

Choose reputable vendors like iFixit or MobileSentrix.

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Thank you for your answer. I didn’t know about MobileSentrix. I will buy the digitizer from them because it is honestly too expensive on iFixit.

Let’s hope it’ll work flawlessly.

- de

I second this as well. It's entirely possible to get a defective Digitizer/Glass replacement from either iFixit or MobileSentrix, but the return/replacement process is much easier from my experience. Make sure to test the screen functionality before you seal it down as they likely won't take it if it's damaged during removal if the screen is defective!

- de

@martinldn I never had a problem with MobileSentrix, they carry some of the best iPad digitizers on the market at reasonable prices. Make sure you test touch functionality like Tyler said, here's a great re-assembly guide written by Minho @refectio in his answer to this post: After doing my repairs (battery and screen) I have problems

- de

I was about to order from MobileSentrix but realised that i can’t order from where I am.

I did not mention that I live in France.

Is there another international and cheaper alternative to iFixit?

- de

@martinldn I don't know any vendors in France that are equivalent to MobileSentrix in terms of quality, here are some tips to pick a high quality digitizer:

- Ask if digitizer has pre-installed Tesa 61395 adhesive, this is one of the best aftermarket adhesive.

- Ask for pictures of actual digitizer sold and check if it has bronze coloured frame, companies often post random pictures on product listing to fool consumers.

- de

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