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The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a front-engine, front wheel drive, small family car/Compact MPV manufactured and marketed internationally by Chrysler in 5-door hatchback (2000–2010) and 2-door convertible (2005-2008) body styles.

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using inverter to charge laptop

I charged my laptop when the engine was off several times and all of a sudden everything stopped working. No power. The battery won’t hold a charge when jump started. The existing battery was new in april of this year. Someone said to replace altonator and not the battery. On a real tight budget.

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Use a Voltmeter to check if the battery is being charged correctly.

Before testing the charging voltage to the battery, ensure that the vehicle’s transmission is in park or neutral (manual transmission) and that the parking brake (aka emergency brake, hand brake) is firmly applied.

With the engine running connect a Voltmeter across the car’s battery terminals and measure the voltage.

Be safety aware as the engine is running

It should measure between 13.8-14.5V DC.

If it is less than 13.8V DC the battery will not be charged and will actually discharge trying to keep the engine running. The problem is either with the alternator or the voltage regulator.

Not sure with you’re vehicle (you don’t state the year model) whether the voltage regulator is integrated with the alternator or is part of the PCM.

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To tell the truth, it sounds strange. But honestly, as my husband said in most cases, the problem lies precisely in the voltage regulator. Unfortunately, I do not have special equipment and skills for it, so I usually ask the help directly from the services and they resolve all the problems. More than that, if the inverter is low-power, he could simply not pull out the necessary charge. You can see here many useful advice and reviews according to the possible problem that you have I hope you will find the answer.

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