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Released in October 2015. Model number: 80NV00D5PB

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Some keys on my keybord stop woking

recently some of my keys specifically the Esc, f4-6, and my left Alt button stopped working and i’ve tried every software fix i can including uninstalling the keyboard drivers and restarting, and updating my BIOs which actually fixed another problem so i was thinking it was a hardware problem but have know idea how to access the keyboard considering i have to open it up from the bottom and they keyboard doesn’t look like it can be opened from the top

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The keyboards on almost every new laptop these days are plastic molded to the keyboard / palm rest assembly.

The keyboard would need to be replaced and a soldering iron would have to be used to melt these plastic molded kind of rivets. Some also have an additional metal back plate which reinforces the rigidity of the keyboard behind so it doesn’t flex so much. Then when the keyboard is replaced the plastic relds need to be re-done so I use plastic zip ties which i melt and re-use the plastic to reweld the plastic rivets to hold the keyboard and metal back plate in.

The keyboard would have to be ordered from somewhere like eBay. The part number on the keyboard are generally printed on the keyboard cable or if you’re lucky you can search via the laptop’s model number for replacement parts. It does take a couple of hours at least to perform a keyboard replacement.

Here is an example of how it’s done in video:

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