Disc drive doesn’t pull in discs

So my Xbox one console doesn’t smoothly pull in a disc like it’s supposed to. If you slide the disc in with some force it spins up and plays as normal. Ejecting the disc works fine but the console does make noises when there isn’t a disc inserted like it’s trying to eject a non existent disc.

I did buy the console used and by looking in the back vents etc it’s pretty dusty inside, could that be the issue? It’s like it doesn’t detect a disc is in the slot until you’ve basically shoved it in.

any way to clean the optical drive inside or is the only option to replace it.

if I do have to replace it do the OG Xbox one models from 2014 used the same blu ray drive or are there variations like with some fat ps3 models?

apologies for the stream of questions lol

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