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Is it necessary to replay display adhesive


I have an iPhone 7 in which I plan to replace the logic board. I was wondering whether it was necessary to replace the waterproof/display adhesive when putting the phone back together.


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It’s not strictly necessary, the screen fits nicely on the housing even without it, it will just be less splash resistant than it would be with adhesive. However, unless the adhesive is machine installed under controlled factory conditions on a perfect housing, the original out of the box water resistance will never be restored again.

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Ok so as long as it doesn't get wet it should be fine? Also do you know any legitimate sites where I can buy logic boards?

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@Matt P Yes, it will be fine, no problem. No idea where to buy a reliable board, there are many vendors on Aliexpress but I never purchased one myself and my experiences with boards from China that came in for repair have not been that good so far. Make sure whoever you buy from that the board comes with a decent warranty.

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Hi i got my screen replaced but didn't put the adhesive now i am worried if dust can enter into phone or not please help @arbaman

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Only small amounts of dust should be able to enter. Most likely it will be fine, but just keep it away from water. @Aniket Singh

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