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Segunda generación de iPhone. Modelo A1241 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad / plástico negro o blanco de nuevo. La reparación es más sencilla que el primer iPhone. Requiere destornilladores, curvas y herramientas de succión.

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Sound adjustment rocker bar missing

I gifted my old 3G to my grand daughter. She was able to shatter the front glass and somehow, either in that process or in another removed the rubber like sound adjustment bar from the side. Replacing the glass and digitizer is doable and inexpensive, but I can't find any reference to how to repair the sound rocker switch. I haven't yet taken it apart, there's just an empty slot where the rocker used to be. I had taken this unit apart and put a new battery in it about a year ago so I'm not afraid of doing the take down.


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That switch is actually attached to the iPhone Back Assembly and is pretty hard to fix without replacing the entire back assembly itself. You could try buying a new button and superglue it back on, however there are many things that could go wrong with that (putting too much glue on and rendering the button useless all together with possibility of glue leaking inside the assembly and damaging the ribbon).

If i were you i would just buy a new back assembly and be done with it. They are fairly cheap and easy to install, and if you have already replaced the battery once you will know how to do this easily.

You will want to buy the "Back Cover Assembly " to save the hassle of installing all of the components that go into the assembly itself. A quick google search should find you a decent price.

Hope this helps! :)

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