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Released in April 2016, this version of the Samsung Galaxy J7 has the model number J730.

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Is there a possibility for a charger port to burn?

(So actually my phone is J7 Duo, but its just isn’t there.)

Is there a possibility for a charger port to get toasted when the socket i’m using kind of exploded, or sparked?

I’ve tried different wires already, but my phone just won’t charge, and i’m kinda losing hope because when I used those wires on a different phone, it works. (So i’m kinda bummed and sad)

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Yes It is, is one of the common problems on the Smartphone-Repair World, can be broken or a fuse is burn, in this particular model if the charging port is bad or broken you will need micro soldering skills for replacing Charging Port because it is attached to the Logic Board / Motherboard.

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