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Cámara SLR de enfoque manual de 35 mm fácil de usar. Número de modelo X-370.

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I can’t see through the viewfinder?

I bought my minolta x-370 online. when i got it, i could see through the viewfinder but the lever was stuck so i figured it needed new batteries. i got new batteries for it, put them in, and i tried to take a picture but something happened and now i can’t see through the viewfinder and the lever is still stuck.

does anyone know why this is happening? is something broken?

Update (11/03/2019)

I could see through the viewfinder just fine before I added new batteries. Now all I can see is black and the mirror won’t stay down.

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Take the lens off do you see the reflex mirror up or down?

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the mirror is up @danj

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Carefully pull on the mirrors edge ever so slightly! To test to see if the foam cushion got gummy which is now holding the mirror. Don’t pull more than a millimeter or two as you could damage the mirror linkage.

If that don’t do it you’ll need to find a camera repair person who has the skills to pull the mirror cage as the linkage or the electromagnet has a problem. This is more than a DIY job.

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