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Briggs & Stratton 190cc Model 120000 Quantum 675 Series Lawn Mower Engine. Released February 2011. For Toro 6.75 ft-lb torque Lawn Mower.

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B&S 675 series, vertical engine, where is oil drain plug?

Where is oil drain plug located?

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None of the answers are helpful. There is no drain plug.

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Mine does not have a drain plug.

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mY 675EXseries BRIGGS & STRATION PRESSURE WASHER does not flow the soap fluid. What problem in the valve?

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Remove Oil

Drain the oil from the bottom drain hole or from the top oil fill tube.

1. With engine off but still warm, disconnect the spark plug wire (A) and keep it away from the spark plug (Figure 9).

2. Remove the oil drain plug (B, Figure 10). Drain the oil into an approved container.

Note: Any of the oil drain plugs shown below may be installed in the engine.

3. After the oil has drained, install and tighten the oil drain plug.

4. If you drain the oil from the top oil fill tube (C), keep the spark plug end of the engine (D) up (Figure 11). Drain the oil into an approved container.

WARNING: If you drain the oil from the top oil fill tube, the fuel tank must be empty or fuel can leak out and result in a fire or explosion. To empty the fuel tank, run the engine until it stops from lack of fuel.

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or you can follow this guide for “the other way”

Briggs and Stratton 675 Series Oil Replacement

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The drain plug is at the bottom right hand side about 3:15plug standing behind and looking towards the hitch. is a female 3/8 I used a mirrow and light to find it

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