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iPhone 7 Plus home button not working after baseband chip repair

Hi guys, I got a strange iPhone 7 Plus here. The phone initially has classic audio IC fault. Here is the story:

  1. I successfully fixed audio IC, but somehow disturbed the baseband chip on the other side of the board, the phone had no service after audio ic repair.
  2. I asked someone to reballed the big baseband chip for me (as I can’t do baseband). The phone now has service and audio. But it has another problem: the home button doesn’t work (both fingerprint and click).
  3. I tried new screen. I restored the phone to original factory settings. All made no difference.

The home button worked fine before. It’s not damaged in anyway. If it’s damaged, it won’t work before. When I go to settings, I can see all the fingerprints registered before are still there, which means the phone recognises the home button.

The home button occasionally click and can register fingerprint, but most of time it’s not responding at all when press it.

I want to ask, does repairing the big baseband chip has anything to do with the functionality of the home button? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello i have same problem

Please tell where is located thanks

- de

Hi, check our conversations below. You will find the answer. Thanks.

- de

Thanks for your reply

I am new in repairing phones

I tried to understand but did not get it

Which capacitor you are talking about

- de

I have same problem but I change this baseband ic after baseband ic created then problem

- de

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No the  Baseband has no input on the home button. But if you had to do baseband after audio IC it means too much heat has been applied to the board causing the solder balls under baseband to bridge. Having said that there is nothing around the audio IC to interfere with the home button either.

I hate situations like this that’s why I try to test the phones before I work on them but sometimes it is not possible. If you are defiantly sure the home button and flexes are still fine than the first thing I would check would be the 16V mesa line. I have come across this before from the mesa filter not seated properly after a nudge. If that is not the problem you will have to diode all the connector with a known good board.

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Hi Chris, many thanks for your inputs. When you said Mesa filter on the 16v Mesa line, which filter were you talking about? I checked the 16v Mesa line, only found capacitors and a coil, I didn’t see any filters on that line?

- de

From what I remember VDD_MAIN or BOOST goes into the coil, comes out at 18 or 20V then goes into the mesa IC which comes out at 16V through a cap than a filter. There is defiantly be a filter on this line, it would have to be near the connector. Speaking of the mesa IC why don’t you replace that and see if it solves the problem.

Let us know the outcome.

- de

Hi Chris, you are correct. I finally figured out the problem. One of the Mesa power lines has problem. C3802 on pp1v8_mesa was somehow not sitting properly. After refitting that capacitor, home button now works perfectly. Many thanks!

- de

That’s great to hear.

- de


I have a same problem of home button after replacing audio codec ic.

I want to know where is c3802 located in iphone 7 mother board.

thank u

- de

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