no service after screen replacement and front facing camera not workin

Took my phone to a repair shop recently to have my P20 Pro screen replaced.

Since replacement i have emergency calls only service.

Weirdly I get service when the phone is plugged in on charge and also when I am driving.

The front facing camera doesnt work and crashes the camera app.

Took the phone back and he replaced the aerial and battery, but still have the service issues.

Any idea’s folks? the repair shop i took it too hasnt got a clue.

I have reset network settings and done multiple factory resets to no avail

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Hi, if the device was in the service place and now is damaged more than before, I'm suggesting you come back to the repair centre and want working fix of your device or money for your damaged device. There is no way to accept this kind of "repair"... It's not your problem, it's a problem of the incapable operator!

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