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The remote controller sold with the Phantom 4 Advanced drone.

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Won't link to the drone

I went into my phantom 4 advanced RC to put on range extending antennas and put it back together and now it will not link back to the drone any idea of what could be the problem?

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Poor man. I bought a phantom 2 vision plus when they first come out. Bad move. My wifi is not working on the drone. Black screen on phone, and wifi will not connect to drone. Says no internet connection.problem Is the little wifi receiver box on the drone itself on top.See if you’re drone gets hot in that area while just sitting on the bench left on.

You prob try…….

look underneath the drone near the landing gear and you may find a button that puts the drone in receiving mode so it can communicate with a new controller. I will put a link that I watched.

Hope it helps.

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No I tried all of the usual method's

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