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Help locating a replacement voltage reference for power supply

I got a free AVOL 55” tv that wouldn’t turn on. After taking the power supply out I saw a broken piece I was able to find out to be a voltage reference. Pretty good chance it’s all I need. It’s on a LK-PL55020B power supply. It’s got two sets of identifiers. The first is TL431 and the second set is 0918. I can find a bunch of tl431s for real cheap, but I’m assuming the 0918 is identifying something specific about this type of tl431. Any idea how I can find a replacement? Thanks.

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The 0918 is likely a date code or other production indicator. Any TL431 should work just fine. Make sure that you get the replacement part from a reputable dealer though.


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I went ahead and ordered one online actually I ordered 10. Fingers crossed

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