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iPhone 7 in lake for 1.5 months

  1. So I dropped my iPhone 7 in a lake for a month in a half and I found it in the lake, so I opened it up and put it in some rice and later found out rice doesn’t work , and it was corroded inside, and the screen looked water damaged. I plugged it in and it made a sound until I unplugged it and the screen didn’t turn on. I was wondering how to fix it.

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Well, after rice you plugged it in to complete the list of things to avoid after liquid damage ? ;) If you need to ask, it means you don’t have the tools neither the knowledge to perform the probably endless number of repairs needed to fix the phone. After such a long time in a lake, unless you have very precious data to save to justify a very expensive data recovery repair by a skillful Pro, if even possible, I would suggest you forget about that phone.

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Well it showed sights of life because it made a noise

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@apple_fixnoah If you have some spare time you can go through the usual decontamination treatment, remove board, remove shields from it, soak the board into demineralized water, clean and repeat with >90% IPA and then try connecting it to a known good battery and dock and see what happens. If you have no great expectations it can be fun and one never's a basic guide that might be handy:

Reparación de daños líquidos en iPhone

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Thanks and do you think the battery is still good and I just need the right bit for the y000

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@apple_fixnoah I'd be surprised if the battery is still good and wouldn't take the risk. The triwinged driver is a must, 6 of those screws are keeping shields and 10 more are used in screen.

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I will put a picture of it

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watch this video to help you fix your iphone

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