Stops at rinse cycle

Completes wash cycle but stops at rinse cycle.

Will work if manually advance the timer.

I have replaced the timer 2x

I have replaced the pump

I have replaced the control board

I have replaced the water level switch

I have checked the continuity on the lid switch

What is the problem?

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Hi @david777 ,

What is the full model number of the washer?

Does the water drain at the end of the wash cycle?

Does the water fill at the start of the rinse cycle and then the machine stops or not fill at all?

Does it do this on both hot and cold wash cycles?

Does it do this if you select either the one rinse or two rinse option?

- de

Hi @jayeff

I can add that I have just replaced the clutch & transmission and it still does it.

The model number is 110.92593220

The water does not drain at the end of the wash cycle. The machine stops after the wash cycle but right before the rinse cycle, with a full tub of water.

I have to manually advance the timer a click or two and then it will continue to completion.

Other times it gets stuck at the rinse cycle fill - it just keeps filling water and emptying it - the tub never fills. I manually advance the timer a click or 2 and then it will run to the end.

It never stops more than once during a cycle - it either stops right before the rinse or gets stuck during the rinse fill.

It does it on both hot and cold wash cycles.

It does this if I select either one rinse or two rinse option.

Appreciate your help with this. I have almost replaced the entire machine.

- de

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