2 Switches not turning on in handheld or docked

The other day, I was taking apart a buddy’s Switch that was not turning on. I checked the battery, and it was reading 4.1V. I went ahead and checked every capacitor I could find on the motherboard and saw that none were really shorting out. There are a couple that seem like they are probably actually resistors, but either way, none of the capacitors that I see online as being the main issue with Switch boards seem to be shorting out. I thought that maybe the power switch wasn’t working so I checked voltage there. I am getting 4V for power and 1.5V for the volume buttons. I next checked if maybe the backlight just wasn’t coming on. I am getting voltage on one of the pins on the motherboard where the ribbon hooks up. It reads 4V. Then I put it back together and tried to dock it (probably should have done this first). When I docked it, the green light on the dock flashes once, then turns off and nothing shows on the tv, however, my tv defiantly recognizes a signal momentarily.

I then made a huge mistake. I tried using parts from my good switch. I first tried my battery in my buddy’s switch. Nothing. Then I tried the power buttons from my switch in my buddy’s switch. Still nothing. I then tried swapping my motherboard with my buddy’s switch. Nothing. I put all of mine back together and now my Switch has the same issue. I can’t get it to turn on and it won’t dock. I get the same readings everywhere on the board that I was getting with my friends. Anybody got an idea of what I can check next? Is there a schematic online for the Switch that could help me out?

Only thing I have seen out of the norm was that the ribbon cables for the backlight on each Switch is different. One has four pins/wires in the ribbon cable, the other has four pins and only 3 wires. See picture for comparison.

Block Image

Block Image

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure I am missing something extremely easy, but I just can’t see it….

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