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Guias de reparación y de desenemblaje para la Compaq Presario CQ40.

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What is the correct way to clean?

Hi, I have a laptop that I haven't cleaned for a long time, it works fine but I want to clean it to ensure its highest efficiency. Previously I used ethyl alcohol70% to clean it because there is no isopropyl alcohol in my area but I discovered that it has chemicals that affect To paint, so I want to know what the right and best way to clean it?? By cleaning I mean cleaning the screen, keyboard, motherboard, fan and other components?

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@amratef1 I do prefer the higher-grade (around 95 to 99 percent) isopropyl alcohol and even ethyl alcohol are the most effective cleaners for the PCB’s even the fan. Isopropyl alcohol especially will clean circuit boards thoroughly, keeping electrical equipment in top shape. Now for keyboards and other plastic parts you want to be sure you are not using anything to abrasive etc. For the keyboard make sure that you always keep it upside down and do not use anything conductive like contact spray to clean it. Use a vacuum or some easy puffs of compressed air to blow out the loose debris. Clean around the keys with a cotton swab and isopropyl/ethyl alcohol. There are all kinds of commercially available cleaners for just the plastic part. Even regular water will work on those for as long as you ensure everything is dry before reassembly.

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@oldturkey03 Thank you my friend for this thorough answer, there is only one last thing can I use alcohol to clean the screen?

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@amratef1 yes you can. Mix equal parts of the alcohol with distilled water and place it in a spray bottle. Use a microfiber cloth and spray some of that solution on the cloth, NOT the screen. Wipe your screen gently from top to bottom.

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