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Released in the USA on July 28th 2017, the Nintento 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console that is a streamlined version of the 3DS XL.

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Compatible parts 2DS XL VS New 2DS XL

Hi guys,

I received a repair today for the Nintendo 2DS XL, so my client said.

I can’t easily find spare parts, and when I ran into a supplier who’s able to deliver, I can only find ‘New 2DS XL, so that’s what got me wondering..

Is there any difference in Top Screen between the “2DS XL” and the “New DS XL”?

Best regards!


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There are only 2 models of 2DS

- Nintendo 2DS (both screens built into one module)

- Nintendo New 2DS XL (two separate screens)

Any part designed for 2DS XL should be ok.

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