Won't turn on at all

My reciever stopped turning on

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@necessaryevil confirm make and model of your receiver. what have you checked? Did anything happened before this started? We need more details than just a single line if you are expecting some help.

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I got the stereo from a friend and it's in good condition though the shell wasn't on correctly with the screws missing but the metal shell was in place. There seems to be no damage from being dropped or anything I can see that is broken, busted, damaged or missing. It's getting current through the power connector but I can't determine if and where the current stops. TRANSFORMER ?? I'm not electrical tecnician but I am an automotive tech and there's so many components that make up this unit its baffling to me , lol . It's a very nice receiver and has many options for connected electronics and channel outputs. Does that help you in any suggestions you may come up with ?? Thank you !!

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@necessaryevil is it a Home Audio Receiver Denon AVR391?

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