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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Which components are married between mobo and Blu ray board?

I have got scammed by somebody, now I have an Xbox with a replaced drive and course I can’t update it. I’m getting E100 error.

I also have two other bad Xbox One Ss that have all the components that I would need, if I knew which components should I swap between them.

Anybody knows which components are married together, between the mainboard and the Blu ray drive daughter board?

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Don’t bother. Major chips like the CPU and the firmware flash chip on the motherboard are encrypted and paired together, it’s not possible to extract anything useful or swap one of the chip and still be able to boot.

Consoles have extremely high security compared with most average consumer electronic devices to discourage piracy and cheating, even most people working at Microsoft are not able to decrypt and read out anything from it.

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And that's what I suspected since they got the OG Xbox so wrong. They really learned their lesson since the original was so easy to hack. Nintendo didn't learn much until the Switch though :P.


Nintendo Switch is probably among their most secure consoles, all major user access are signed with device/cartridge/user certificates and they reserve the ability to revoke them if they found anything wrong. Their web/OS platform is pretty secure, the problem comes from nVidia, their SoC vendor. The SoC has a serious unpatchable exploit which allowed booting into arbitrary code, making any homebrew technically possible.


Yep. The GC, Wii/Wii U were dead easy to hack. They were so insecure they didn't revise things like the optical drive and used epoxy on the pins used by early modchips to bypass the copy protection and region locking. The Wii U was also a joke since it was Wii based. The DS series was a series of exploits - even a specific game was used as an exploit on those.

That's how you know it was hard or nearly impossible to patch - epoxy on the pins used to do the region check and copy protection checks. I don't care about the piracy aspect - I just want the ability to play imports without multiple consoles so I generally have no reservations about modding region locked Nintendo systems and the PS1/PS2 for the same reason nor buying modded systems. The homebrew is a cool bonus.

I get why they sold the composite consoles by region (50/60Hz country variances and changes like NTSC-J vs. US NTSC) but region locks are a dick move.


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