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Una consola de juegos de televisión producida por Sony Computer Entertainment; La PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) es un modelo de reemplazo más delgado para el PS4 original. Anunciado el 7 de septiembre de 2016.

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Can I use different power supply?

Hi I have a ps4 from GameStop and I’m trying to replace the power supply but I can not find the one I have CYM3G6L2XHS. So I want to know can I use a different number or does it have to have that same serial?

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Sapriea Lucas what is your PS4's exact model number and double check the numbers on your power supply. I would expect something like a N15-XXXX or N16-XXXX or N17-XXXX etc. The wiring is different on some of those and cannot be interchanged.

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You do not need the same part number. You do need the same output voltage and you should not exceed the amps rating, should be the same or very very close. Some aftermarket power supplies that will have the exact same connector that goes into your console may not be EXACT and may be a little loose fitting so bumping into it on occasion, you might lose power in the middle of a game. Be sure that it is a universal (SMPS), power supply, such as 100 to 240 volts input and the output is the same as your old one. This will allow you to travel and it will still be usable anywhere.

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