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Washing machine stops after filling, but works if I advance the dial

I have a Maytag top loading machine that’s about 10 years old (model #MTW5600TQ2). It sat unused in my mother’s basement for a few years, but I recently decided to moved it into my house and put it to use. After we moved it, I ran the machine and it was clear it wasn’t spinning. (The clothes were too wet when the cycle ended.) So, I called a repair man who said the clutch was bad. I had it replaced (cost about $175). The repairman said it was fixed, but now when I run a load of clothes the machine wants to stop after it fills—like the cycle simply stalls and the knob pops out. If I turn the knob slightly forward (clockwise in the cycle), push the dial in and pull it back out, the cycle will continue as it should—the machine will fill a bit more, agitate, spin and drain. However, it will stop again after it refills for the rinse part of the cycle. Once more, I have to advance the knob slightly, push it in and pull it back out, and it will continue filling, then spin, and finish the cycle. Any ideas about what might be wrong? Given that the machine continues to work (if I manually advance the knob), I don’t think it’s the lid switch. Any suggestions?

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The control knob is attached to a clockwork timer. The mechanism is probably worn.

Sometimes you can find a used timer at an appliance repair shop, which I did. Otherwise order on line. They’re easy to replace. Look on u-tube.

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