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Una consola de videojuegos producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, anunciada por primera vez el 20 de febrero, en 2013 y lanzada el 15 de noviembre en 2013.

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ps4 slim was shut down because of rain and the disk was inside it


my ps4 slim was shut down because of rain and the disk was inside it, when i got power back i tried t start it but it blinks one time and i see a blue light but instantly the light gets off and it doesn’t works after that.. no sound of fan , or not beeping again even if i try to tap on the power button or the disk eject button,

the i tried to plug my controller to ps4 and after trying the ps button of controller its blinking white light continuously …

i have tried to unplug it several times, used different wall ports , removed it for 30 or more seconds but nothing is working….


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First, we need to figure out if you have a power supply issue or an APU issue which you can verify in this video.

Also, you can take a look at this post maybe you find an answer.

PS4 not turning on (no light, no beep)

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