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Apple iPad de primera generación disponible en versiones Wi-Fi y 3G con 16, 32, o 64 GB de almacenamiento.

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iPad won't enter DRU nor Recovery Mode

I have tried multiple ways and directions on how to get this iPad, it’s model a1458, into either recovery or DFU mode, neither are working.

  1. When I try holding both power off and home button and never release them, it just keeps turning off, then apple logo, then off, then apple logo (keeps looping).
  2. When I try holding power and home to turn off, then when black screen release power but keep holding home, it just goes back to the ipad disabled screen.
  3. When I try holding home and plugging into USB it boots up to ipad disabled screen and itunes never finds it.
  4. I’ve tried all of the above with USB connected, then again without USB.
  5. I’ve also tried #2 with USB first unplugged, then when black screen plug into USB.

So I’ve tried a lot of combinations, I’ve also done this to other ipads before without issue, this one is belligerent.

Any ideas to get into recovery or DFU? I’m trying to factory reset without original icloud account since we don’t have it. Attached is what is on the screen now, it won’t connect to itunes anymore either.

Block Image

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Hi @jfreak53

Tried and true way to get older apple products into DFU/Recovery mode is to plug the device into a computer, hold the power button and select shut down the device, then immediately hold the home button (while it shuts down and starts back up) for ~15 seconds until it boots up into recovery mode.

In my experience, this will not remove the iCloud account signed into the device but older versions of iOS might be different.

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Still didn't work, went back to the same screen.


Can you verify that the charging port isn't damaged and that the home button is working properly? Both these parts need to be working 100% for the iPad to enter DFU mode


When I press home button, screen turns on. When I plug into charging port it starts charging from PC or charger, so I would say, yes.


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